Default Sound Gadget (defunct)

Change the default sound device in
Windows with a simple Desktop Gadget!

Default Sound Gadget

Change the default sound device in Windows 7 / Vista with just one click.
If you have more than one sound device connected to your desktop
(ex.: Headphones and Speakers) and you need to switch between them this gadget will help you a lot. I created this because it's really annoying to go to "ControlPanel>Sound>Select Device>Set as default" every time you want to change the the audio device.

How it works?

Default Sound Gadget it's a simple to use software.


1 - Set the device 1 as the default device for audio reproduction.
2 - Set the device 2 as the default device for audio reproduction.
3 - Open sound preferences from the control panel .
4 - Open gadget settings.
5 - Close the gadget.
Due to a smart feature, when you change the default device it wont change the default communication device.


Check the step by step installation page for more help

  1. Download Default Sound Gadget;
  2. Run the installer "DefaultSound_X.X.exe";
  3. Right click in your desktop and select "Gadgets";
  4. Find the Default Sound Gadget then double click it;
  5. Click on settings then configuration
  6. Type the name of your devices the hit save;
  7. ENJOY!;
  • Does it slow down my computer?
  • No it does not because the gadget only runs when its clicked, there isn't a recurrent process or service except the windows sidebar;
  • How can I configure the gadget?
  • See the help page;
  • It will change the default communication device? How to change it?
  • No it will only change the default reproduction device, to change the communication device go to sound preferences (+ icon);
  • How can I change the icons of the devices?
  • Soon ill be releasing icon packs, for now you can edit the .png's in the installation folder;
  • Can I edit the code?
  • No, Contact me first!
  • How do I uninstall completely the gadget?



Get it now (free download):
Default Sound Gadget v1.2.2

659 KB - August 2013

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