Hello, I'm tofran 👋

Who are you?

I'm Francisco Marques, also known as tofran. I'm a 20yo guy from Portugal that loves computers and technology.
I build things (and eventually break them). Call me whatever you want: developer, computer enthusiast, coder, programmer, 🤓, or even wizard if you like.

What have you done?

I have developed multiple projects in the past years. Most of them in my free time, some are just for fun while others may have some usefulness. I love open source, my work is usually freely available on github: check out my github page .

Portugal Web Blocking
Public list of the websites blocked by ISP's in Portugal. link
Python utility for analyzing TeamSpeak server logs. Generates statistics these for my server . Documentation and source here .
Smart TTS soundpack:
Smart TTS is a custom soundpack for TeamSpeak 3. It's a combination between the default female voice and the Text To Speech automated voice. More info and download here .
Exposed a vulnerability in Gyazo.com user API. It was a POC that allowed to recover images that were not supposed to be accessible.
Default sound gadget
Windows (7/Vista) gadget application that lets you change the default sound interface quickly. It was my first and most successful project, having more than 10K downloads. Now deprecated. Project page
Unreleased projects
I have more projects in development, others in mind. I'll keep this section with them, maybe it will force me todo more .
  • In the past semester, I built an android app as a final project for a course. I think it has some potential, I need to make it ready for release.

How can I contact you?

Reach me on twitter @tofran_
Contact me by email with my username at this domain. Grab my pgp here.

What's up with this ugly site? Where's the old one? Have you noticed that it looks like a FAQ?

I was tired of my old 'fancy' website, it was not updated at least in the past 3 years. I hope that my making this change I will keep it up-to-date.
Yes, I did, but at least it is useful now.