Hello, I'm tofran 👋

Who are you?

I'm Francisco Marques, also known as tofran. I love computers and technology.
I build things (and eventually break them).

What have you done?

I have developed multiple projects in the past years. Most of them in my free time, some are just for fun while others may have some usefulness. I love open source, my work is usually freely available on github: check out my github page .

Portugal Web Blocking
Public list of the websites blocked by ISP's in Portugal. link
Python utility for analyzing and generating statistics from TeamSpeak server logs. Documentation and source .
Smart TTS soundpack:
Smart TTS is a custom soundpack for TeamSpeak 3. It's a combination between the default female voice and the Text To Speech automated voice. More info and download here .
Exposed a vulnerability in Gyazo.com user API. It was a POC that allowed to recover images that were not supposed to be accessible.
Default sound gadget
Windows (7/Vista) gadget application that lets you change the default sound interface quickly. It was my first and most successful project, having more than 10K downloads. Now deprecated. Project page

How can I contact you?

Reach me on twitter @tofran_
Contact me by email with my username at this domain. For my PGP and more head to /contact

What's up with this ugly site? Where's the old one? Have you noticed that it looks like a FAQ?

I was tired of my old 'fancy' website, it was not updated at least in the past 3 years. I hope that my making this change I will keep it up-to-date.
Yes, I did, but at least it is useful now.