You can reach me via email with my username at this domain if that's too hard you can always tweet me .

How abount 🔐

So the whole reason for creating this page was due to a problem that I encountered recently:
I do not have access to my key 😨 80E0 1323 761F 16F4 2DBD 15A4 59BC 6A70 DDCC 3562 .
What happened: I was relying on keybase to manage my keys but unfortunately I do not have the password. I thought that having the paper wallet was enough to use keybase - looks like it unlocks the account but not the keys. I may be able to regain access to my password, but not in the near future, since is in my desktop, which I currently have no access.
So I present you, to my new keyFA4C 287B CB95 2CE1 5DBB 9D4F 242D 60F3 75F3 12C9
I have also signed a proof @github, you can find it here . Sory for the inconvenience.